Advantage Multi for Cats no Prescription

Buy Advantage Multi for Cats without  a prescription . Pick your pack size for your Cat and give it heartworm and flea protection plus so much more for a discount price.

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Advantage Multi for CatsNot only do our suppliers ship Advantage heartwormer without prescriptions from buyers as they call your vet for you but we have found the best prices possible for this excellent product. Don’t forget that you can also buy for Dogs too.

Advantage Multi Cat Heartwormer no Prescription

This is one of the few heartworm medicines suitable for Cats, but it treats for so much more besides. Please read the following information so that you know all relevant facts when it comes to this product.


advantage multi cats no prescription
This offers a high level of protection as well as being one of the safest ways to keep your pet heartworm disease free.

With there currently being no known way to effectively treat Cats for adult heartworm disease it is extremely important that we protect them if they are at any risk at all.

Active Ingredients

Imidaclopridimidacloprid and moxidectin.


Bayer are the producers of this medication.

What Protection Can Cats Expect?

The protection offered is really quite substantial.

Not only are Cats going to be protected against developing heartworm disease but they are also protected against fleas. Adult fleas are killed and it is recommended to eliminate flea infestations as well.

It treats and controls for ear mite infections, and also for hookworms and roundworms.

There is no need to use multiple medications to protect your pet when Advantage multi deals with heartworms, fleas, mites and common intestinal worms too.

Directions For Use

Be sure to apply as evenly along the body as possible. For larger animals this may mean applying in a number of spots. If the solution begins to be soaked up by the fur then move to a different spot along the ridge of the back to apply the rest of the solution.

Be sure to apply directly to the skin, parting the fur before applying.

Only ever use once monthly, and never in conjunction with other similar medications.

Safety Precautions

This is suitable for Cats over 9 weeks of age.

Be sure to buy the right pack for the size of your Cat and never use the Dog version on Cats.

It should be used once a month all through the year if you want to give total protection against heartworm disease.

Risk of side effects is minimal, if there are any adverse reactions then be sure to consult with your vet as soon as possible

And be sure that your Cat is heartworm disease free before beginning a course of treatment. As you can buy Advantage Multi for Cats without prescription it is up to owners to ensure that this is safe for their pet. Although your vet will be contacted so if there are any issues they will let you know,

Store in a cool place and well away from animals and children for their own safety. This is to be applied externally only and should never be given orally.