Advantage Multi for Dogs no Prescription

Buy Advantage Multi without prescription for Dogs and protect your pet for a discount price. From small to very large Dogs you can choose pack sizes all the way from 3-12 months.

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Advantage Multi for Small Dogs (Green) 1-10lbs

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Advantage Multi Heartworm Medicine Without Prescription

advantage multi without prescriptionThis is one of the absolute best ways to protect your Dog from both heartworms and fleas at the very same time. Why buy multiple medications when Advantage Multi offers such great protection?


logo advantage multiLet’s look at just what this topical solution guards against and other important information that all pet owners should be aware of.


Bayer are the company proud to bring us this product.

Active Ingredients

Imidacloprid and moxidectin are the two active ingredients that make this such an effective medication against a number of common issues more and more Dogs seem to be facing.

What Does Advantage Multi Do?

More than almost any other product of its type!

  1. Prevents heartworm disease
  2. Kills adult fleas and eliminates flea infestations
  3. Treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms

Normally you would need 2-3 different medications to get this type of protection but Advantage Multi for Dogs treats with just a simple solution applied to your animals skin once a month.


It is important that it is applied in the correct manner.

  • Part the fur near the collar line
  • Squeeze out a third of the solution
  • Repeat at the middle of the back
  • and finally just above the base of the tail

By applying in 3 places along the ridge of the back it gets to work quickly and as effectively as possible.

Be sure it comes into contact with the skin and not just the fur.


Be sure that your pet is heartworm disease free before beginning application. And be sure not to use any other form of heartworm medication at the same time.

Apply once a month, and never more often than this, and repeat all year for the most complete protection.

Suitable for Dogs and puppies of 7 weeks and older.

Be sure to keep well out of the reach of children and animals, and prevent your pet licking the area it was applied to for at least 30 minutes after application.

And always ensure it is applied externally, this is not to be given orally.

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