Heartgard Plus Without Prescription

heartgard plus chewable tabletIf you are looking to buy Heartgard Plus without prescription then we now have a supplier that not only offers the best price for Heartgard Plus but will ship with no RX supplied from the buyer to those in the United States.

You can pick your pack sizes from those offered below, choose from 6-12 month pack sizes and for Dogs from small to large.

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Heartgard Plus Chewables for Small Dogs (Blue) Under 25 lbs

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Heartgard Plus Chewables for Medium Dogs (Brown) 26-50lbs

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Best Price for Heartgard Plus

We have made every effort to ensure that you get the best price for Heartgard Plus. The fact that no RX needs to be sent also means that your precious time can be spent walking the Dogs rather than chasing around for medications.


heartgard plus no prescriptionWe feel it is important that owners know exactly what it is that they are buying, so please read on for plenty of information about this very popular heartworm medicine.


Merial is the manufacturer of this product.

What Protection do Dogs Get?

Not only is this the number 1 medication to guard against heartworm disease, but you also get protection from the following common parasites too.

  • Roundworms
  • Hookworms

Active Ingredients

The ingredient to prevent heartworm disease is Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic, and Pyrantel Pamoate, an anthelminthic which deals with roundworms and hookworms.


This is a chewable medication that comes in a great beef flavor. You will find that Dogs absolutely love the taste. which makes monthly medicating simplicity itself.

Simply offer the chew and your pet will eat it. Be sure that it is chewed though, and not swallowed whole. If you pet is prone to gulping then break the chewable into a few pieces and offer individually.

Medicate with Heartagrd Plus chewables once a month all through the year for complete protection against heartworm disease and common intestinal worms.

Heartgard no Prescription

Being able to buy cheap Heartgard with no prescription obtained by you from the vet does mean that you need to be sure of a few things. You need to be totally sure that your pet does not currently have a heartworm infection.

If you have been treating regularly then this is not a concern. But if you have not then a test at the vets is recommended before you begin to give medications to prevent infection in the future.

It is down to the owner to be sure that it is safe to medicate, buying cheap Heartgard no RX does save money and time but if this is your first time using it your pet should be checked over by a qualified vet first.

How Effective are Heartgard Plus Chewables?

This is the most popular brand currently on the market.

Side effects are extremely rare, although Collies and herding Dogs are not recommend to take Ivermectin based meds.

But for all other breeds this is the most popular way to ensure heartworm disease is never an issue. If you give every month then your pet is going to stay in fine health and will never develop issues due to infections.