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interceptor sizesThe new and improved Interceptor Spectrum chews are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure your pets stay heartworm and intestinal worm free. Choose from pack sizes for small to large Dogs and buy Interceptor no prescription for Dogs today.

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Interceptor Spectrum Chews for Very Small Dogs Under 9lbs 6 Month Supply

Interceptor Spectrum Chews for Small Dogs 9-24 lbs 6 Month Supply

Interceptor Spectrum Chews for Medium Dogs 25-48lbs 6 Month Supply

Interceptor Spectrum Chews for Large Dogs 49-100lbs 6 Month Supply

Best Price for Interceptor for Dogs

Not only does our recommended supplier ship without RX but we don’t think you will find a better price. For the convenience and ease of ordering you can’t do better than buying this great medication to keep your pet protected.
We feel it is important that owners know all that they can about the medications that they give to their pets, so please take note of the following information and guidelines.

interceptor without prescription
Novartis are the company behind Interceptor. One of the most well known pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Active Ingredients

Praziquantel and Milbemycin oxime are the two active ingredients. Combined they will protect from a number of common worms.

What Does Interceptor Guard Against?

Quite a number of things!

  1. Prevents heartworm disease
  2. Controls adult and immature roundworms
  3. Controls whipworms
  4. Tapeworms
  5. and hookworms

Most other medications of this type are nowhere near as comprehensive, so for the low cost it is hard to find anything quite as effective. Normally two meds would have to be purchased to give this kind of protection

With heartworm disease more common than ever before medicating is extremely important. Topical solutions are not the preferred method for many owners, so why not take the hassle out of monthly medicating and give them a tasty Interceptor heartworm chew instead?

How to Medicate

The great thing is that there is no need to worry about whether or not you can medicate with this option. Interceptor chews are tasty and extremely palatable for Dogs. So you simply offer them the chew and it will be devoured straight away.

Best results are obtained if you continue medicating all through the year. This ensures that your pet is always heartworm disease free and common intestinal worms are never an issue, which is important for the safety of both your pet and your family.

Safety Considerations

Firstly, this product is 100% guaranteed to keep your pet free of health issues because of heartworms and intestinal worms, so that really does inspire a lot of confidence.

But as with all medications it is important that you know your pet is currently heartworm disease free before beginning a course of treatment. A simple test at the vet can be performed if you have not been currently using a medication to control this up to this point.

For best results then use every month, that way you are sure your pet is protected.

Keep well away from children and animals, small tasty treats like this are not to be left where they can be taken.

This is safe for puppies as well as breeding females, as well as collies, so is a great alternative to our Heartgard no prescription option.

Buy cheap Interceptor heartworm chews without prescription today and give your pet total protection for a full month.