Revolution for Cats no Prescription

Revolution without prescription is now available for Cats.

From kittens to adult Cats, pick the pack size for your pet and buy no prescription Revolution for Cats at the best price online.

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Revolution for Kittens

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Revolution for Cats

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Revolution Heartworm Medicine for Cats

Revolution for cats no prescriptionThere are only a few heartworm medicines for Cats, and Revolution is an option that offers additional protection for a great price. Why buy multiple meds to keep your Cat protected when one simple monthly application deals with a number of common problems?


revolution for catsRevolution is a broad-spectrum parasiticide, systemically acting medication approved by the FDA for the treatment and prevention of heartworm disease and a number of other common issues Cats may develop.

What it Protects Agaisnt

  1. Heartworm disease
  2. Kills adult fleas
  3. Stops flea eggs from developing
  4. Treats and controls ear mites
  5. Treats and controls roundworms, and hookworms

Active ingredients

SelamectinThe first thing to note is that this is not a pesticide like many other treatments. It means it is extremely safe and the risk of any adverse side effects is totally minimized.

The active ingredient is Selamectin.


Brought to us by Pfizer. They have a dedicated Website for Cats here.


Part the fur right down to the skin just below the collar line.

Break the seal on the pipette whilst holding upright then place the tip on the skin of the animal. Squeeze the contents out until empty and you are done.

Be sure to keep your pet dry for at least 2 hours after application, and longer if you possibly can.

Safety and Precautions

Revolution is safe for kittens of 8 weeks and older, and it should never be used on animals younger than this. It is also safe for breeding females.

Be sure to buy the right pack size for your pet, and be sure that you never use on Dogs or use the Dogs option on Cats.

Store safely and well away from children and animals.

Make sure that your pet is heartworm disease free before you use, and do not use in conjunction with any other flea or heartworm medication.

How Revolution Works

It works by acting on the central nervous system of pests, paralyzing and then killing them. Internally it works by eliminating worms such as juvenile heartworms, before they have the chance to migrate to the heart, causing severe problems for your Cat.

Best Price for Cat Revolution

Get the best price for Revolution for Cats by picking your pack size above. The fact that you can buy Revolution with no prescription sent in by you means that not only do you make monetary savings but you also save on time too.

No having to go to the vets to ask for and pay for a prescription.

Be sure that you know it is safe to medicate your Cat before beginning a course of treatment. And don’t forget that there is a Dog option too.