Revolution for Dogs no Prescription

Revolution without prescription is now available for Dogs.

From very small to large, you are now able to buy cheap Revolution in packs of 3-12 monthly treatments. Pick the appropriate size for your Dog from the options below and get the best price for Revolution without the need for a prescription from your vet.

Pick from all available pack sizes below and protect your pet with ease.

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Revolution for Dogs V Small (Purple) 5-10lbs

3 Months Supply

6 Months Supply

12 Months Supply

Revolution for Dogs Small (Brown) 10-20lbs

3 Months Supply

6 Months Supply

12 Months Supply

Revolution for Dogs Medium (Red) 20-40lbs

3 Months Supply

6 Months Supply

12 Months Supply

Revolution for Dogs Large (Green) 40-85lbs

3 Months Supply

6 Months Supply

12 Months Supply


revolution for dogs no prescriptionHere at the Heartworm Medicine site we always like pet owners to be well informed about exactly what it is that they are buying. So please read on for all the information that you need concerning this very popular medication.


Pfizer are the company behind this popular product.

Active Ingredients

There is just one active ingredient in Revolution; Selamectin. This is a topical parasiticide, with Selamectineach tube providing 2.7 mg/lb (6 mg/kg) of body weight of selamectin.

Each tube has the exact amount needed for the size and weight of your Dog, so ensure you pick the appropriate pack size.

What Protection do Dogs Get

Let’s take a closer look at what it protects against.

  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Treats for sarcoptic mange
  • Kills adult fleas
  • Will stop flea eggs from hatching
  • Treats for ticks
  • And treats and controls ear mite infections

It all ads up to one of the most comprehensive medications of its type.


How to apply could not be simpler.

Simply part the fur at a few different spots along the ridge of your pets back, preferably starting at the collar, and carefully squeeze out the liquid directly onto the skin.

Ensure that it comes into direct contact with the skin

Revolution Heartworm Medicine no Prescription

As you are now able to buy Revolution for Dogs no prescription sent in it is important that you know your pet is heartworm disease free before beginning to use this product. Either by having a test from the vets, or by ensuring that you have been using Revolution or another equivalent in the past. If this is not the case the vet will inform the supplier when they call them to obtain your RX for you.

Best results are obtained if heartwormers are given every month of the year without interruption.


Never use if you currently user other flea or heartworm meds. A month should pass before you switch to this product if you used something different in the past.

Ensure you apply as described, and be certain that you have purchased the right pack size for your pet.

It can safely be used on Dogs of 6 weeks of age and older. It is also safe for pregnant and breeding females.

With less than 1% of Dogs getting any adverse side effects at all this is one of the safest heartworm medications currently available. Unlike other products this is not a pesticide so its track record when it comes to safety is very good indeed, and it comes highly recommended.

Best Price for Revolution

Thanks to a great supplier we don’t think you will find a better price for Revolution. Buy at a great discount and with Revolution no RX now an option the whole process of ordering could not be simpler. Don’t forget that you can also buy for Cats as well.